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Knife(1 unit)

Container(1 unit)

Cover (1 unit)


Name of each part (part composition)

Disassemble method

  1. Lift the handle(① of Image 1) and pull it back.
  2. Open the cover(⑧ of Image 1), disassemble the knife (② of Image2) and lift the container (③ of Image 2)

Operation method

  1. ut the prominent part of the container (③ of Image 2) to the holding groove (④ of Image 1)
  2. Put the knife (② of Image2) to the groove of the shaft(⑤ of Image 3) where the top is horizontal.
    ※ Do not put ingredients earlier than the knife.
  3. Put ingredients in to the container (About 70%)
  4. Close the cover(⑧ of Image1) to fit with two holes in the top.
  5. Pull the handle(① of Image1) to make the safety(⑨ of Image1) to move on the cover (⑧ of Image1) as like Image 1.
  6. It operates when you move the switch(⑥ of Image1) to operation position.
  7. Turn scraper (⑩ of Image1) to wipe contents in the inside of container and cover while operating.
  8. If you want to add seasoning or other ingredients, open the additional entrance (⑦ of Image1) and put while operating.

[※ Caution ※]

  1. Must put knife first and put ingredients.
    ※ Operation order) Lift container ⇒ Put knife ⇒ Put ingredients ⇒ Cover ⇒ Safety(Handle) ⇒ Operation switch
  2. It works when the safety is on the cover like the image.
  3. Do not put too many ingredients to the top.
  4. Do not use instant operation switch often and too long(more than 5 sec).
  5. Avoid direct light when you install.

Examples of Da Mixer high performance

Caution during operation

  1. Do not put ingredients earlier than the knife.
  2. Do not put too many ingredients to the top.
  3. It works when the safety is on the cover
  4. Turn scraper to wipe contents in the inside of container and cover while operating.
    (Scraper helps mixing ingredients in the container.)
  5. Do not use instant operation switch repeatedly.
    (For long-term use, place on operation position.)

Clean and storage after use

  1. Pull plug out before cleaning.
  2. Remove water after washing.(prevent upper layer corrosion)
    ※ Avoid washing with water and use wet cotton
  3. For washing the machine and knife board, do not use chlorine bleach, chloric acid,
    iodine, and oven cleaner. Use neutral detergent. (Cause bleach, discoloration, corrosion)
  4. Do not store knife and cover in high-temperature(more than 100℃) electric sterilizer
    or sterilize in boiling water. (plastic parts melt)

Caution for safety

"Caution for safety" is for preventing dander with right operation. So please follow it.

  1. Do not use others except single phase 220V
  2. Remove water around plug, and do not put out and in plug with wet hand.
  3. It is heavy. Please keep in mind when you move it.
  4. For cleansing after use, please plug out first.
  5. Do not dissemble, repair, and remodel.

Unusual condition Check point(Address method)
When it is not turn on - Plug in another electric output.
- It operates when the safety in on the cover.
Noise and smell of burning - Stop operating and request A/S (Problem in motor or other parts)
Knife cover is attached togeter - Knife is not fully inserted while operating(Request A/S ASAP)
Knife is broken
(Cracks are found on the knife )
- Request A/S ASAP. (Impossible to weld and repair. Must change)
When it is operating while the safety
is not on the cover
- Problem in machine. It is dangerous, so request A/S ASAP.
It does not work when
you follow the manual
Request A/S
※ When problems happen, call us right away and ask A/S. (☏ 031-573-0065)

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