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Image Name Size Use
Banding stone wheel (For H.M.P-20) 400φ Turn and help strip ingredients equally
Banding stone wheel (For H.M.P-30) 550φ Turn and help strip ingredients equally

Name of each part (part composition)

Operation order

  1. Plug in with matching voltage (Single phase 220V)
  2. Press the switch to turn it on
  3. Supply water through the feed pipe with hose
  4. Put ingredients slowly for about 70% of the container.
  5. Check stripping process. Open the outlet when stripping is over to make ingredients
    out with centrifugal force. (Open the outlet about 45°)
  6. Turn if off when ingredients out and operation is over. Wash in and outside of the machine.


  1. It takes time to remove eyes of potato and loss a lot of flesh.
  2. Check foreign substance before operating.
  3. Lift banding stone wheel and wash inside.
  4. Do not put your hands in the machine while operating.

Unusual condition Check point(Address method)
When it is not turn on - Plug in another electric output.
- It could have problems in the machine. Please ask A/S.
Crushed rocks are stuck in potato
- It is crushed rock from emery between banding stone
   wheel and container. Request A/S.
When it is not stripped for long time - Abrasion of emery between banding stone wheel and container causes it.
   Request A/S.
When banding stone wheel runs idle - Check the wheel is well inserted in chaft key.
   ?(Height of the wheel is level with outlet.)
When the wheel is not disassembled - Upside the machine down and hit on the ground.
※ When problems happen, call us right away and ask A/S (☏ 031-573-0065)

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