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Image Name Use
4 piece knife (for apple) - For cutting into apple 4 pieces
4 piece cradle (for apple) - Assemble with apple 4 piece knife
4 piece knife (for sweet persimmon, orange) - For cutting fruits requires no ovary removal into 4 pieces
4 piece cradle (for sweet persimmon, orange) - Assemble with sweet persimmon and orange 4piece knife
6 piece knife (for apple) - For cutting apple into 6 pieces
- Narrow ovary removal part
6 piece knife (for pear) - For cutting pear into 6 pieces
- Wide ovary removal part
6 piece cradle - Assemble with apple and pear 6 piece knife
8 piece knife - For cutting pear into 8 pieces
8 piece cradle - Assemble with 8 piece knife
Cradle P.C - Assemble with cradle
Knife holding volt - Hold knife to prevent pulling out

Name of each part (part composition)

Operation order

  1. Pull the handle like the Image 1 and place the middle of fruit on the cradle.
  2. Push handle down with your hand.
  3. Pull cut fruit out like Image 2 and lift the handle up.
  4. Repeat from 1) .(Repeated movement)

Knife changing method

  1. Loosen knife holding volt(③ of Image 1) 2/3 and push knife(② of Image 1) to down.
  2. Lift handle(① of Image 1) to hang on support(⑤ of Image 2).
  3. Put new knife from down to up where the edge is facing down, hold with holding volt(③ of Image 1), and screw volt up.
  4. Change the cradle in accordance with the knife`s dividing number.
  5. To pull cradle, hold the both side of bottom of piece(⑥ of Image 1) and slowly pull.
    (Caution : It might be broken when you hold the top.)

[※ Caution ※]

  1. Weak at damage. Strong damage can break it. (Avoid boiling water, except knife)
  2. Sugar from fruit oxidizes the machine and interrupts operation.
  3. Clean and wash properly and sterilize with alcohol


  1. nife and cradle should be put together.
  2. Weak at damage. Strong damage can break it.
  3. The machine and cradle are designed with plastic, so weak at heat. Do not store in boiling water or high-temperature.
  4. It is not available to repair when knife welded part falls.
    You should change with new knife, so please careful to not break the knife.

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