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Image Name Use
Slicer knife - 4mm, 6mm, 12mm knife for Slicer kitchen board
2.5mm julienne cutting thin knife - 2.5mm bottom julienne cutting thin knife

4mm julienne cutting knife

- 4mm bottom julienne cutting thin knife

Julienne cutting flat knife

- 2.5mm, 4mm bottom knife for Julienne cutting kitchen board

Disposing board - Dispose cut vegetables outside
Pipe insert - Put out and use for additional entrance


slicer(3 units)

Julienne(2 units)

Dicing Grid(3 units)

* Option items *

Please ask us for additional custom-made knife



Knife board holder

Disposing board

Pipe insert

Cleaning brush

Name of each part (part composition)

Operation method

rder Example Method

Plug in with matching voltage.


Move up [Image 1] cover lock
and open cover as like [image 2].


Put disposing board at the bottom
with knife board axis of [Image 2].




Close cover of [Image 2] and move down cover lock,


As like the photo, lift entrance push bar, bend leftput ingredients, press operation switch, and push the push bar.Ingredients inside will be cut and out.


When all ingredients are cut and out, lift push bar and bend left to stop operation.Put ingredients and push the bar to start operating

6 ~ 7 repetitive movement (no need to turn on and off operation switch)

Knife install method

Separation Example Method


4mm, 6mm, 12mm
(for Julienne cutting)

Put disposing board to the bottom.
Put knife board you want as the blade is up at a level with the upper knife board axis.

Julienne cutting

2.5X2.5mm(Thin Julienne cutting)

4X4mm(Thick Julienne cutting)

Put disposing board to the bottom.
Put knife board you want as the blade is up
at a level with the upper knife board axis.

(for fried rice)

(for jajang/curry)

28x28mm(for Slicer)

Put disposing board to the bottom..
Put Dicing Grid hold plate into home..
Put Dicing knife frame you want into the plate. (Blade is up and evenly put)
Put slicer you want on the plate as the blade is up at a level with the upper knife board axis.

※ For Slicer, Julienne cutting, one knife board is available
For Dicing, Dicing Grid and Slicer knife frame are put together.

[You must follow it.]

※ Caution for 10mm X 10mm square(for fried rice) ※

  • Use with 6mm slicer, and when vegetables are caught in the frame, remove in the middle of operating to start again.
  • For processing carrot, put one and one from the additional entrance for efficiency.
    (easy to clean after use)

Diagonal cutting operation method

Example Method
Open the cover, put slicer you want, and close.

Put the push bar out.

Put diagonal cutting guide pipe into the additional entrance
at the right of the entrance.

Put the push bar into the entrance and place on the guide pipe.

Press the switch. When the knife board is turning, put half-slit ingredients(cucumber, carrot, pumpkin) on the pipe where the cut side is parallel with the marked sign.When it is not parallel, ingredients will be diagonally cut in round shape, not in slit shape.

Additional entrance use method



The additional entrance is used for cutting cucumber or carrot as inserted shape.For round cutting or half-moon shaped cutting (cucumber, carrot, pumpkin)

Push the push bar, press the switch to operate, put the bar out. put ingredient, and push it with the bar.


  1. Must put disposing board disposing cut vegetable out before put knife.
  2. Must remove vegetables in the middle of operating when many of them are caught in the square frame.
  3. Turn knife board to counterclockwise and lift to remove it.
  4. Put Pipe insert in the additional entrance when you push vegetables in the entrance with push bar.
  5. Do not put too many vegetables.
  6. Sweet potato, meat, and ham are not available to use with this machine.
  7. It uses many knives at the same time. Please be careful.

Clean and storage after use

  1. Push from the behind to remove vegetables caugt in the knife frame (Do not snap. It will damage knife board(square frame)
  2. Use neutral detergent for cleaning machine and knife board.
    Do not use chlorine bleach for machine and knife board before and after use,
    and do not immerse knife board in chloric acid or chlorine bleach..

  3. Do not store in high-temperature electric sterilizer or sterilize in boiling water. (change shape or color)
  4. Remove water after cleaning with neutral detergent and dry in normal condition.
  5. Do not store knife board or knife with other parts(grinder) to prevent damage on the blade.

Caution for safety

“Caution for safety” is for preventing dander with right operation. So please follow it.

  1. Do not use others except single phase 220V
  2. Remove water around plug, and do not put out and in plug with wet hand.
  3. Do not close your hands to operating knife.
  4. Be careful the blade when you change or clean knife board.
  5. For cleansing after use, please plug out first.
  6. Do not dissemble, repair, and remodel.
  7. At least two people are required to move this machine.

Unusual condition Check point(Address method)
When it is not turn on -Plug in another electric output.
-Check black locking system is lock.
- It could have problems in the switch or motor. Please ask A/S.
Power is on, but it is not operating - When the push bar is out, it is not operating when you press the switch.
- Knife board might not be well inserted. Decompose and compose again for re-operating.
When it produces smoke - Stop operating and remove all components in the machine. Remove vegetables caught in knife board, and re-operate in five minutes.
When circuit breaker is fall - Stop operating and ask A/S..
When vegetables are not neatly cut - Check abrasion of knife and ask us. (Change knife)
When it is working when the push bar is removed - There is problems in safety. Ask A/S.
※ When problems happen, call us right away and ask A/S (☏ 031-573-0065)

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