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Image Name Use
Slicer knife - Slicer knife
Julienne cutting flat knife - Put into Julienne cutting board(top knife)
Julienne cutting thin knife (bottm knife) - Put in julienne cutting knife board (bottom knife)
- Size :  4mm (hin knife unit: 25)
       4.5mm(Thin knife unit: 22)
       6.5mm (Thin knife unit: 14)
         8mm (Thin knife unit: 1개))

Basic composition


Julienne cutting knife board

※ When you buy the machine, basic set is composed with tha main body and one knife board.
※ Please ask us for additional custom-made knife

Name of each part (part composition)

Operation method

  1. Plug in with matching voltage.
  2. Open the cover and put knife board you want. (See knife insert method)
  3. Close the cover and lock with snap ring.
  4. Lift the push bar and put vegetables.
  5. Turn it on and push vegetables with the bar.
  6. Turn it off, life the bar, and put vegetables.
  7. Turn it on and push vegetables with the bar. ( *④ ~ ⑦repeated movement)
[Knife insert method]

Open the cover and put knife board you want in to the groove of the certral axis.

slicer Thickness control method

  1. Turn holding nut(white) left (counterclockwise).
  2. Turn control volt(yellow) to set thickness.
  3. Turn holding nut(white) right (clockwise) to close.
  4. Clearly wash after use and loosen holding nut(white).

[※ Caution ※]

  1. Do not let holding nut(white) and control volt(yellow) close together.
  2. Sweet potato, meat, and ham are not available to use with this machine.

Management while operating (Caution included)

  1. Turn it off when you put vegetables.
  2. Must push vegetables with the push bar. (Do no push with your hands)
  3. Do not touch turning knife with your hands.
  4. Sweet potato, meat, and ham are not available to use with this machine.

Clean and storage after use

  1. Pull plug out before cleaning.
  2. Remove inserted knife before washing.
  3. For washing the machine and knife board, do not use chlorine bleach,
    chloric acid, iodine, and oven cleaner. Use neutral detergent. (Cause bleach, discoloration, corrosion)
  4. Do not store in high-temperature(more than 100℃)
    electric sterilizer or sterilize in boiling water. (plastic parts melt)
    (Cause change in plastic part, distortion, melting, weak tensile strength)
  5. Remove water after cleaning with neutral detergent and dry in normal condition.
  6. After use slicer, loosen holding nut(white) and control volt(yellow)
    of thickness control equipment and store separately.

Caution for safety

"Caution for safety" is for preventing dander with right operation. So please follow it.

  1. Do not use others except single phase 220V
  2. Remove water around plug, and do not put out and in plug with wet hand.
  3. Do not close your hands to operating knife.
  4. Use the push bar for putting vegetables. (※Do not push with your hands)
  5. For cleansing after use, please plug out first.
  6. Do not dissemble, repair, and remodel.
  7. Please follow safety requirement attached on the machine.

Unusual condition Check point(Address method)
When it is not turn on - Plug in another electric output.
- It could have problems in the machine. Please ask A/S.
When vegetables are not neatly cut - Check abrasion of knife and ask us. (Change knife)
When slicer thickness control
equipment is not working
- Spray lubricating agent(WD-40) to the equipment and turn.
- Request A/S. (Change the equipment)
It does not work
when you follow the manual
- Request A/S
※ When problems happen, call us right away and ask A/S (☏ 031-573-0065)

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