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Name of each part (part composition)

Operation order

  1. Plug in with matching voltage (Single phase 220V).
  2. Turn the power switch on of [Image 2]. (Red light on when it is powered.)
  3. Put fruit on both tridents of [image 1]

  4. [※ How to put fruit ※]

    • Like (Image a), put fruit when the bottom of fruit and top of ejector(white plastic)
      maintain level.
    • like (Image b), tap fruit from the top with fist to make it have 2~3cm of gap with the top of ejector(white plastic) (It does not turn idle when fruit is thickly put.)
    • Like (Image c), center is turned, the fruit is severely shaking while turning and well stripped.
    • [※For sweet persimmon] : - Remove stalk and put where the stalk part is facing up.

    ※ Push "Emergency stop switch" for these cases.
    • When center is turned and fruit is severely shaking
    • Fruit is collapsed and about to leave away.
    • Inevitably stop while operating
      ☞ Turn the switch clockwise to unlock stop equipment.
          (Do not put so deeply. Put until it is stiff.)

  5. Press operation switch of [Image 1].
    ※ Fruit turns and be peeled off when the switch is pressed.
       Ejector pf [Image 1] comes up and remove fruit automatically when turning stops.
  6. Remove fruit what ejector of [Image 1] lifts and put another fruit to peel off.
  7. Press operation switch of [Image 1]. ( * 3) ~6) repeated movement)

Knife changing method

When fruit is well peeled off, please change knife.
(Knife is expandable. You should make extra purchase.)

  1. Turn the power off, hold the sheathe with both hands,
    turn outside to make the sheathe down to up like [Image 3]
  2. When the machine is stop like [Image 3], loosen a screw of the sheathe of [Image 4]
    , put new knife with the same direction of mounted knife, and tighten the screw.
    (Do not separate screw, just loosen it.)
  3. When you finish changing, turn the power switch of [Image 2] and press operation
    switch of [Image 3] to move the sheathe back to original position.
※ Cuation for changing knife

  • Check the mounted direction of knife before changing to put it in same place.
  • Change from one side.(ex : For changing left side, see the right side knife to check the direction.)
  • When the knife is mounted in reversed way, fruit is not peeled off. Please check the direction.
  • Be careful your hands when you change knife.

Caution during operation

  1. Put the center of fruit on the trident
    (When it is not put in the center, fruit is severely shaking while operating and well peeled off.)
  2. Must turn the power switch of [Image 2] to operate. (Red light on when it is powered.)
  3. It is hard to peel off when flesh or foreign substance is stuck between knife.
    Please remove residue before use.
  4. Do not pull flesh of fruit and wind around the turning trident.
  5. It is only for apple, pear, and sweet persimmon. Other fruits are not available.

Clean and storage after use

  1. Pull plug out before cleaning.
  2. Avoid washing with water. Wipe with wet cotton and remove water with dry cotton to store.
  3. Wash before sugar becomes dry after operation. (It is hard to wash when it becomes dry)
  4. Wash knife until sugar is well removed
    (When sugar becomes dry on knife, it is hard to peel fruit off.)
  5. Avoid sterilizing with chlorine bleach and iodine, clean with neutral detergent and dry with dry cotton.
  6. Spray alcohol before use.

Caution for safety

"Caution for safety" is for preventing dander with right operation. So please follow it.

  1. Do not use others except single phase 220V.
  2. Remove water around plug, and do not put out and in plug with wet hand.
  3. Do not touch projecting knife while operating.
  4. Do not hold turning fruit.
  5. Be careful when you wash and change knife.
  6. For cleansing after use, please plug out first.
  7. Please follow safety requirement in the manual.
  8. Please follow safety requirement on the machine.

Unusual condition Check point(Address method)
When it is not turn on - Plug in another electric output.
- It could have problems in the machine. Please ask A/S.
When it is not working when you
press the switch
- Check the behind switch is on.
It is operating,
but fruit is not peeled off
- Check whether foreign substance is stuck between knife.
- Check whether the edge of knife is inserted in different way.
Fruit falls out while turning - Check whether fruit is put to slightly
When it stops
in the middle of stripping
- Turn the behind switch off, pull the fruit out,
   and try again from the first.
It does not work when you
follow the manual
- Request A/S
※ When problems happen, call us right away and ask A/S (☏ 031-573-0065)

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