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Name of each part (part composition)

Operation method

Order Method
1 Plug in with matching voltage. (Single phase 220V).
2 Turn the switch on. (Light on)
3 Lift can and put welded seam on the edge to the drive gear.
4 Pull the operation gear. The drive gear goes up, welded seam on the edge is compressed with the gear and cutting knife, and can is turned and the cover is cut.
(Do not hold the turning can with hands)
5 When cutting is over, cut cover is attached on knife holder. Lift operation lever to stop turning, put the can down, and remove the cover.
6 Repeat ③ with another can.
( ③ ~ ⑦ repeated movement )

Cutting knife changing method

Order Example Method
1 Turn holding ring clockwise to unlock like [Image 1]
2 You can separate knife holder when you fully pull it to right and lif
3 Separate knife holder, pull dull knife out, and put new knife where the edge is engaged with the inner side (See the image)
(Put and pull out without extra holding tools)
4 When you finish changing, install it in reverse order, turn the holding ring of [Image 1] to counterclockwise, and hold knife holder.

Drive gear changing method

Order Example Method
1 See cutting knife changing method 1) and 2)
to separate knife holder like [Image 3].
2 Turn drive gear holding bard 90° clockwise, make it as [Image 4], and pull the gear out.
3 Put new drive gear fully into the turning axis, turn the drive gear holding board counterclockwise, and hold to original position as [Image 3]
4 When it is held, for test, check whether it falls out when you pull it.
(※ When the board is in the location of [Image 1]and drive gear falls, it is not well inserted. Please carry 2), 3) out again)
5 When drive gear change is over, put knife holder, hold, and use

Caution during operation

  1. Square or oval can is not available.
    (Use round can only)
  2. Cans larger than Special 1st pipe defined by Korean industrial standard (ex : tomato source, corn salad) with 153.5∅ and 176.8mm height are not available.
  3. It is not working when you don`t press operation lever.
  4. Do not hold turning can with your hands.

Clean and storage after use

  1. Pull plug out before cleaning.
  2. Do not wash with water. Wipe the machine with wet cotton.
    ※ It is not completely waterproofed. Do not wash with water.
  3. Hold with both hands when you move it to not fall.

Caution for safety

“Caution for safety” is for preventing dander with right operation. So please follow it.

  1. Do not use others except single phase 220V.
  2. Remove water around plug, and do not put out and in plug with wet hand.
  3. Do not touch knife when the welded seam of edge of can and cutting knife is engaged.
  4. For cleansing after use, please plug out first.
  5. Do not dissemble, repair, and remodel.

Unusual condition Check point(Address method)
When it is not turn on Plug in another electric output.
It is not working when you pull the lever Check the power switch on the right side is on.
It is normally operating,
but cover is not cut.
It happens when grinding side of cutting knife is dull. Change the knife.
( Purchase knife and change followed by manual )
Can is not normally turning a and
running idle
It happens when drive gear is worn down and cannot hold can and turn. Change the gear.
( Purchase knife and change followed by manual )
When the wheel
is not disassembled
- Upside the machine down and hit on the ground.
※ When problems happen, call us right away and ask A/S (☏031-573-0065)

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